May 31, 2010

Strange Bunch

Noticed last week already that the Zeitgeist Movement has yet another detractor. The Anonymous group. Why, is a bit of a mystery to me. They had some quarrels with the Church of Scientology. (See link above.) What started out as a protest against internet censorship quickly turned ugly. Other organizations felt the wrath of the Anonymous group as well.
I guess one of its members thought it was a good time to attack the Zeitgeist Movement by claiming it's a cult. Aside from the video above, a member on YouTube named "anon2allofus", made nearly 60 videos in total - all of them criticizing Zeitgeist or the Venus Project in one way or another. That's mighty weird in itself since TZM stands for great individual liberty and applying the scientific method to solve the world's problems, not religion or superstition in any way, shape or form. That didn't stop someone from making parallels between Zeitgeist and Scientology.

The religious card simply isn't there if you want to call Zeitgeist a cult. Still, the anonymous member claims Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and Peter Joseph are the (political) leaders that are worshipped - like in a cult. While I'm willing to make a bet that most Zeitgeist members don't have pictures of the trio hanging over their beds, every organization has its leaders and ZG and TVP is no different. (I presume that's also a negative factor for the anonymous group.) It's hard to do so otherwise. If you take that particular group structure and make the connection that therefore it's a cult, than many other groups (such as political parties, churches, sports teams, and so on) should fall under the same category.
After making some comments on that YouTube channel it was transparent (to me) that the creator of the anti-Zeitgeist videos didn't even want to get into such a debate and make comparisons. They were more satisfied with repeating the claim at every opportunity while avoiding analysis of what they were saying. Why they target Zeitgeist is still unclear to me. I think it has more to do with anarchy. The option to do whatever they want, say anything they want to say. The Venus Project might be to 'orderly' for them. I know, it sounds strange.

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