May 15, 2010

Wilders Friends In The U.S.

Today an article appeared in the Dutch newspapers that Geert Wilders, the (extreme) right politician and leader of the Dutch PVV party, is in fact being sponsored by conservative American groups and multi-millionaires. In the last few months within the U.S. six-figure amounts have been raised for the defense in Wilders upcoming trial. (The PVV leader has to appear in court for spreading hatred and for insulting muslims.) The David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles raises funds for Wilders. The organization claims to have collected substantial figures.
What's interesting to note here is the international support for right wing parties in other countries and the fact that it's being done so openly. There's definitely a huge effort going on spreading the conservative philosophy both in the U.S. and internationally. Fox News might come very soon to your own country. But come to think of it, the right wing is where the big money is in the first place so it's not that unusual. Guess they are afraid the world will become too left (for their taste). The money needs to keep coming in. No spreading the wealth, of course.

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