May 5, 2010

Zeitgeist Movement 400.000 Members

Today (5-5-2010) the Zeitgeist Movement went over the 400K in total membership. Surely a milestone and something to be happy or proud about. Think the 'movement' is only 2 years old and not many people know yet what it is all about or what it stands for. It's also basically an internet oriented thing, that is how it started out. Seeing that many members make promotional material in their own respective countries, I'm sure people (who don't have internet) will start to get acquainted with the material as well. Slowly but surely the media is also picking up on the Zeitgeist phenomenon. When membership grows to these numbers I'm fairly confident the media will highlight it even more then they have done up till now. It will simply become a matter hard to ignore. I saw in one article that another ZG member expected that the movement will reach a million members this year. That might be too optimistic but the way things are going right now, half a million by the end of this year is a safe bet in my opinion.

Total Joined 400,196

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