June 4, 2010

The Thought Police?

Don't know what it is but I seem to run in to some weird characters in the last 7 months. Last year in December I figured out some person was constantly undermining a forum on Yahoo. That forum dealt with the paranormal so there were plenty of conspiracy theories floating around. The person in question (I wont put up his name) was constantly harassing people and hiding behind many aliases, returning to the forum after he was banned and even pretending to be woman on one occasion. Around the same time I discovered that the person also had many blogs, around 10 in total - all filled with critique. (Since I exposed him on that forum he pulled down most of those blogs.) The thing is; for some reason it was totally unacceptable for him that people indulged in (conspiracy) theories also in combination with the paranormal and UFOs. Much effort was made by him to curb such thoughts. On his blog he used an alias (wont name it here) along with the picture above.

Last year I joined the Zeitgeist Movement but due to illness I didn't pursue any activities in that area. This year my health improved and simultaneously my interest in doing something for the 'movement.' I delivered a bunch of flyers in my neighborhood but also followed up on information on the internet. Last year I also started a YouTube channel and subsequently I started to watch matters related to Zeitgeist. There are pro-videos but also detractors. One caught my attention last week, predominantly because the person in question made some highly disingenuous claims in his videos. It's not that hard to see what the person is getting at or how it's been done. That person also uses the Guy Fawkes mask in his videos. (That mask and the main character from the movie "V for Vendetta" seems to be a repeating element.) The mask itself is also used by the "Anonymous" group.

For me there's some synchronicity here. Both individuals I met have much in common and seem to strive for the same things, employing the same methods. Theories like in the paranormal or on UFOs are contested in the same way like they do towards Zeitgeist. Debunking is not the proper word although they do try. It's almost like they want to confine free thought itself. The folks I met are basically spin doctors. They take a (questionable) element (which can be positive or negative), at the same time they disregard 90% of the additional information, and label that element as highly negative and conclude that therefore the argument should fall in their favor. These are highly manipulative and deceptive tactics. It's not an objective analysis, it's purely aimed at reaching a negative conclusion. Both guys I met, on Yahoo and YouTube, also seemed to favor the approach of calling the other 'a cult' or 'cult member,' which is of course a tactic of making the other guy look bad.
I'm really starting to wonder, who are these guys? What is so scary for them that they feel the need to totally demolish the train of thought of other people. Most of the things they attack are not established facts or real situations. What are they afraid off?

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