May 13, 2010

Zeitgeist Communism? Look Who's Talking!

Getting a bit fed up with the accusation that the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is "communism." I'll admit that there are similarities but I haven't met one Zeitgeist member who states that we should have a society like that of Soviet Russia or current day China. Sharing resources on a global scale does not equal a totalitarian society. The whole premise is great individual liberty. Still, that doesn't deter some folks to have a knee jerk reaction when they hear something like "sharing resources."

But lets point the finger at those that so often make this claim, those would be. . . Americans. It's actually quite fascinating. They grew up in a country where they're basically potty-trained to think that the free market system is a good thing. Well, you just have to look at the news to see just how good that's working these days and how pure capitalism in the end influences (I should say nullifies) your constitutional rights.

So, lets get back to basics here. The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project don't advocate a dictatorial society. Get that out of your system. Why do all the resources have to shared? Because in the final analysis inequality breeds conflict. If one country would have 95% of all the natural resources, it means that all the countries have to do with the minimum 5%. They would live in scarcity and ultimately would try to acquire more resources. That culminates in war, which happened a few times in our history.

And what do you know? In the good old free market system of the United States the wealthy 1% of the population have 95% of the resources. There's your free market system. Now, why would you accept that as a fair arrangement? Why would you support that 1% by yelling that Zeitgeist is communism? Are you really hoping that one day you could become a millionaire simply by hard work? Wake up! The seats are already taken and no one is going to let you in.

The American Dream is an illusion. Perpetuated by those folks who already have everything. You're the donkey following a carrot. It's a concept to keep you in line and in check. It's like buying a lottery ticket and expecting you'll win the jackpot. How many people leave Las Vegas as winners? The free market system, by it's design, can not guarantee a good standard of living for everyone. Where there are winners, there have to be losers. Money amassed at one point, means there is less at another point.

It's really amazing when blue collar workers yell that Zeitgeist is communism. How messed up can you be? You associate Zeitgeist with being the next NWO or Politburo but here's a nice little something to think about. The U.S. has a 'Commerce-Buro!' That's something similar to a politburo but you probably know it by a different name: Wall Street. Did you never notice how many CEO's of various banks wind up in politics as financial advisors, secretaries of departments etcetera?

They come straight from a high level banking position and immediately take up a seat in the government. Doesn't matter if the administration is from the Republican or Democratic Party. Quite often they also make policy in favor of the banks, in case you didn't notice. This is simply a network. Your capitalistic "free" market system keeps itself in check by making sure that the biggest earners are in positions of power. Don't worry about Zeitgeist being communism or that there's going to be a next Politburo. You already got one!

Get with the program. Join the Zeitgeist Movement...

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