September 9, 2011

Zeitgeist Netherlands @ Eldorica Festival

Last sunday Zeitgeist Netherlands was in attendance at the Eldorica Festival in Haarlem, Holland. The festival itself was themed around durability and how to get to a better, greener world, and it was organized by students which was really impressive since the set up was perfect. In a park a stage was constructed where bands played live music and dj's played there sets. Food and beverages were available. Many kinds of stands hosted by a variety of people and organizations. Art, skills, dance, you name it. Really impressive that a group of young people pulled this off.

Zeitgeist was generously given a stand (for free) along with a television and dvd player. Naturally we played Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward practically all day. The festival opened at noon and we immediately dressed up our stand with posters and flyers. I spoke personally to some of the people from the organization and to my surprise they were aware of Zeitgeist (to some degree). A few knew about the first movie yet were unaware of the two that have followed. They were given copies...

Another Zeitgeist member had burned around 200 copies of Zeitgeist Moving Forward, while I and another person arranged for 50 copies of Zeitgeist Addendum. At the end of the day I took the remaining copy of Addendum home with me... I'm not sure how many dvd's of Moving Forward were given away but I reckon at least 100. A council member of the city of Haarlem, who helped organize the festival, also took some copies home with him. The Zeitgeist message is getting out there for sure. I had also printed out a few hundred "Zeitgeist bank notes" but the kids seemed to be really fond of them and collected them wherever they were dropped or hung in trees.

Safe to say that the 6 Zeitgeisters, myself included, had a wonderful day at the festival. My compliments to the organization who also gave us drinks and food. We would love to come back next year. At 8:30 in the evening when it was getting dark, we packed up our stuff and the stand was disassembled. I spoke to the Dutch national coordinator of the Zeitgeist Movement and we both agreed; we should do this kind of thing more often...

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