September 10, 2011

Profile Of A Zeitroll

Hey Muertos. Finally have some time and energy to make a rebuttal. Yes that excerpt was written by me on the Zeitgeist forums. Think YouTube user "Justintempler" already figured out I use that forum nickname so that was some decent detective work and internal communication. To clarify, I don't put you in the 'for no apparent reason' category.' It's remarkable that you took my comments and started a thread on the Skeptic Project forums because at the time of the writing I was very careful not to name anyone as an example. Yet here you are.

If you want my personal analysis on you and why you oppose Zeitgeist, here it is. And this is strictly my own observation. Let me just break in through the door. The conspiracy theory angle is not the main pillar on which you build your disagreement with the Zeitgeist Movement. I don't contest that you dislike conspiracy theories and in some cases it could be spot on. What brings me to this conclusion is this.

You have no problem creating conspiracy theories when it involves Zeitgeist so you're not opposed to it in the fundamental sense. A comment on the Zeitgeistmovie YouTube channel directed towards "ronaldodelosmuertos" is instantly attributed to Peter Joseph. How do you know it was him? Can you prove it without a doubt? Recently Peter Joseph commented that some critics are on the payroll. I would love to see some further information on that as well, but more importantly did he name you personally? No he didn't. Yet you take that personally and theorize that it's about you. That's a conspiracy theory Muertos! There are more examples of this kind methodology.

Secondly, I've been observing the Skeptic Project forums and you revealed some personal information at times. You commented that your father was/is in the U.S. Air Force. You mentioned that on the 4th of July that you recited the amendments with your family. To me that suggests a strong cultural identity and influence.
To summon up, in my list of reasons why people oppose the Zeitgeist Movement I wouldn't put you in the 'no apparent reason' or 'against conspiracy theories' category. I'm of the opinion that you are an American patriot with strong cultural ties that leads you to oppose influences that interfere with that. There are a few other elements but this is main one. So that's the bottom line as far as I am concerned. Patriotism, not conspiracy theories.

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