September 29, 2011


It has been a weird summer. In late spring we had a dry spell over here in Holland and many farmers were complaining, it was even noticeable in a person's garden since plants bloomed a tad later. Then came high summer which was downright miserable here in Western Europe. Two decent sunny days in early July followed by almost 4 weeks of continuous rain - some days not reaching higher than 13C. August wasn't much better. The weather guys already calculated that it was the 6th worse summer on record since they started keeping logs in 1901.

Now the leafs are starting to drop and everyone was expecting the fall with its winds and rain, but this week the summer is back. Temperatures soared to 26 Celsius, beach weather. Which is quite unusual for this time of year. I recall this period, late September / early October in 1995 and it was 4C at high noon and didn't got higher. That's another excess weather-wise but it goes to show you what's also possible. The weather has been so irregular this year that I wont act surprised if we have snow in late October or early November. But right now I'm enjoying the last bit of summer.

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