September 4, 2011

Grey Mafia

The war in Libya is all over the news, and where Gadhafi is (rightly) portrayed as an evil dictator. Yet in the world of politics things are not that black and white. You would think that since Gadhafi is a dictator, democratic regimes would have nothing to do with him. Think again. Secret documents found in Tripoli highlight close links Libya and intelligence services from the U.S. and Britain. Cooperation was still there. Libyan oil also flowed freely to the West for decades. Other less relevant bits of information - like Tony Blair giving hints to one of Gadhafi's sons for his university thesis - also surface.

Safe to say that the evil dictator was not that evil in Western political circles. But if a "strong man" looses his power the dynamics change quite rapidly. Maybe the best comparison you can make here is to the Italian Mafia. A boss who's in control of his particular turf using force, is respected. Making deals and money is the name of the game. Should he lose his grip on his turf it's only natural that he should be replaced by someone else. Something similar can be seen in Libya. An oil deal was also quickly formed with the rebels in Benghazi when that territory was liberated from the control of Gadhafi. Politics is not black and white. It consists of many shades of grey.

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