August 6, 2011

Not The Last Word On Corbett

"The important revolution is the only revolution that will ever achieve anything and that is the revolution of the mind, because unless we understand the system that is enslaving us and unless we know who our enemy is and unless we know what they expect us to do, we will never be able to put up a resistance that matters."

Those words were spoken by James Corbett, who made a name for himself on the internet with his Corbett Report. In my previous blog I remarked on his video 'The Last Word on Utopia' which was (in)directly a critique of the film 'Zeitgeist Moving Forward' and the Zeitgeist Movement. Utopia can never be attained, according to Corbett, and will inevitably lead to chaos and bloodshed. I'm not denying that different ideologies can lead to conflict but it is by no means a guarantee it will happen automatically. Besides, utopia can not be attained and no one is making such claims.

James Corbett (during an interview) talks about the 'revolution of the mind.' I'm very curious what he means by that since he tries to nip another revolution of the mind, the one created by the Zeitgeist Movement, right in the bud. 'Understanding the system,' is another eyeopener. The movie Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward make it very clear what the system really entails. Yet sadly, we don't see one single word of acknowledgement coming from Corbett on that. Instead we see a kind of guilt by association tactic. Here's the system according to the Zeitgeist Movement;

We live on a planet of finite resources. Our current system is based on global capitalism. The economy relies on growth of itself by cyclical consumption. Infinite growth is impossible on a planet of finite resources. Money in this system is created out of thin air by financial institutions who demand the principal back with interest. The interest is non-existent in the money supply and can only be created by generating more money. This is the Ponzi scheme of capitalism and gives ultimate power to the banks. When a person goes bankrupt everything he or she owns is confiscated, when a bank goes belly up the accountability vanishes in the same thin air or the taxpayer is stuck with the bill.
Capitalism amounts to economic slavery. You have to work and earn your money in order to buy the goods and food which enables you to survive. You go to the bank for a mortgage which allows you to buy a house. The loaned money from the bank, which was created out of thin air by fractional-reserve banking, has to paid back with interest. Trying to own a house will require your time and energy for approximately 30 years if not longer.
Here's what the Zeitgeist Movement advocates. Abolish money! In present day society money is more important than people when it logically should be the other way around. With our current technology and resources every person on the planet can be housed and fed. The resources is what makes an economy and technology itself can free humans.

Sounds like understanding the system and a revolution of the mind to me. Now why did James Corbett didn't get this? The Zeitgeist Movement doesn't advocate establishing an elite (NWO). The whole idea is to free and care for people. Does the current system encompass that?
I'm starting to think that Corbett doesn't understand the system, and what a revolution of the mind really implies. When the bottom line is money, people are going to prioritize that. Yes, people can be selfish and greedy but in a system that fundamentally promotes greed you shouldn't act surprised when you see it in every facet of life. Greed is enhanced by the system. Is it that illogical to assume that by changing the system and environment greed will drastically decrease as well? Maybe James Corbett has a very bleak view of humanity. I don't. The revolution is in the mind. It's the realization that we should help one another and stop being so selfish, because that's the way to break free from the current system.

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