August 12, 2011

Holland FIFA Ranked Nr.1

Yes, the Dutch football team is number 1 in the world. Ole, ole ole ole. Well, the circumstances led to this fortunate position. The previous world number 1 Spain lost in a friendly to Italy while the match England-Holland was canceled due to the unrest in London. I'm not exactly sure how the FIFA does its ranking system and there are different points to be won in friendly matches, qualifiers and the World or European championship itself. I've also read that when Spain wins its qualifier against Liechtenstein next month, a sure thing, it will regain the number one spot regardless if the Netherlands wins its matches against San Marino and Finland. So that part of the ranking system seems a bit iffy. No matter. Being number one in the world is a record for my country and everyone is happy about, only even if it lasts a month.

Update 24-8-11. It's official;

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