August 16, 2011

Dutch Zeitgeist HQ

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with fellow Zeitgeist members at the headquarters in Amsterdam. Well, headquarters is probably a too big a word. Lets just say it's a place where people can come together. The building you see above is called 'het Gespuis' and is owned by a foundation that hosts all kind of political, cultural or otherwise society oriented groups and organizations. Some organizations that share the building; Amnesty International, Turkish Youth Association, Young Democrats and Comite SOS.

The building itself is hundreds of years old and it shows. The ceilings aren't that high and the floors are uneven which gives the inside all kinds of 'compartments' but enough about that. The meeting on saturday involved 10 people and after an introduction of each individual members plans were laid out for upcoming events. In early september the Dutch chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement will be present at the Festival Eldorica, the latter being a 'green' event with music. Preparations are already underway. For anyone that wants to visit, every second saturday of the month the Dutch Zeitgeist Movement holds a meeting in the Spuistraat 47A-1 in Amsterdam at 13:00 hours.

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