April 15, 2011

Vultures Delight

Well, it turned out to be an eventful day. Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement (the activist arm of the Venus Project) and its de facto leader, stepped down as official spokesman of this organization. It's highly probable that a video that was uploaded on YouTube on the 11th of April was the cause of the breakup. In that video Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, criticizes Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement and the organization itself - generally speaking - of not doing his/its best. Of course what Fresco said was surely not a smart thing to do since no man has done more for the Venus Project in the media than Peter Joseph.

I also figure that this was the final straw for Peter Joseph. He already mentioned before the release of Zeitgeist Moving Forward that he was feeling exhausted and hadn't gotten much sleep meeting the deadline of the movie release. Joseph is also a constant target of attack by critics who seem to be engaged full time in discrediting the Venus Project, the Zeitgeist Movement and the people that are involved - on a personal level. It even goes to the extreme, and Joseph is labeled and pictured as the next Hitler or a dictator. This is actually how far some people are willing to go in order to dismiss another ideology and it's just unbelievable.

I'm also thinking that Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows are already regretting this incident. Likewise, I think Peter Joseph also regrets this situation but he just reached the limits of what he could take. All of this is unfortunate of course yet on the other hand we must realize that this was never about individuals. It is about the concept, the idea of a new sustainable and stable, peaceful society, and the people that carry the torch will eventually have to pass that on anyway. It's about moving the idea forward.

What's perhaps even more striking is the actions of the critics. I've noticed that when pro-Zeitgeist or Venus Project videos get uploaded it doesn't take that long before 'dislike' votes appear. Meaning, that some person(s) are actively monitoring the uploads and voting them down but also are looking for dirt. (I myself am privileged to 10 instant 'dislikes' whenever I upload something.) This is what happened with the video where Fresco makes his critique as well. There are many videos where people take a tour in Venus, Florida. The channel on which the video in question was presented didn't get that many views, but the critics found it amazingly fast anyway. That is simply an indication of intense monitoring.

The vultures were also quick to jump on (what they perceived to be) the carcass, the final nail in the coffin of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project. Videos quickly appeared on the YouTube channels belonging to critics, highlighting the critique Fresco made, with added phrases such as "this is the end." While I'm sure that is the intent of their actions, and btw these are the same people that insanely yell that we supporters are in a cult, I'm afraid that's all they can hope for.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Venus Project, what some people on the foreground might say to one another, you can't take the motivation away in people. That motivation is striving for a better world. That's nothing cult-like or evil. It's just the quest for peace and harmony. And that's why the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project will simply move on. That's why it also doesn't matter that Peter Joseph steps down. Kudos to him. He has done wonderful work. Now it's simply time that other people continue in his footsteps.


Devan Evans said...

I really do think that these people are being paid to do this. Nobody, not even a troll would devote so much time and effort into this issue of TZM and TVP. It is either that or they have severe psycho-neurological distortions. Either way, it really don't bold well for them.

Ed V. said...

Who knows? Right now they are involved in Operation Earnest, but supposedly that's only being done outside the U.S. The FBI's cointelpro certainly wasn't. I also saw a video on GalinorGustave's YT channel where young members of the Tea Party were instructed to vote anything down on the internet that didn't fall in line with their ideology. Democracy alright.

I do think a large portion of the critics are not on the payroll. Those are just your typical bullies who get pleasure watching someone else suffer. Those anarcho-capitalist guys also have a hard-on for money and the free market yet are completely oblivious that what you see today IS the free market. They rather bitch and moan about something else. Religious people still carry a torch about the first movie. Those elements cover many of the critics.

If you accuse someone of being a paid instigator naturally they are going to counter with; 'you're a conspiracy nut.' Just keep an eye out for when they slip up.