April 7, 2011

Dutch Treat

A Dutch newspaper article yesterday was pretty amazing. There are rumors circulating that 10.000 jobs will vanish in defense, along with military equipment such as tanks, minesweepers and F-16s. Safe to say that economically-wise things aren't going that well. What's even more remarkable is that these political decisions are made by a right-wing administration. Normally, and in most conservative governments, defense is not a department to cut back on. In the U.S. such a matter is almost non-debatable, while over here in a similar government it's considered and possibly implemented.
That says something about our current state of economic affairs. Right now the Dutch government is 2 billion euros short in their budget. Even after all the austerity measures they implemented. Health care seems to be a continuous thorn in the side. Lets not forget that the negative balance was caused after the credit crisis of 2008 and saving Dutch banks. Economic policies seem to be going down the drain no matter how much they cut back. Personally, I wonder where the world of economics is heading. Holland used to be a tolerant welfare state where people didn't have much to complain, yet all of that seems to be disappearing.

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