April 20, 2011

Venus Split

This morning I listened to a meeting between Roxanne Meadows and coordinators (and other members) of the Zeitgeist Movement. Judging from Roxanne's words the split between the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement seems to be definitive. An interview uploaded on YouTube last week where Jacque Fresco criticizes TZM and Peter Joseph already sent shockwaves through many Zeitgeist members. Many were hoping this was a fling, Jacque having a bad day and shooting off his mouth. Happens to each and everyone of us at times. Sadly, everything said was sincere.

Instead of issuing an apology, Roxanne Meadows reiterated the split. I, and a lot of other Zeitgeist supporters are naturally very disappointed. This is like a figurative slap in the face. While Roxanne Meadows thanked the people involved for all the work they have done it didn't take the feeling away that she was being very unapologetic. She vaguely listed Zeitgeist going in another direction as to what the Venus Project stands for as the main reason. Which is unsatisfactory since Zeitgeist has supported TVP for years now. In fact TZM put the Venus Project on the map. It's only because of the efforts of Peter Joseph (and other people involved) that support for TVP grew substantially.

Meadows also feels that they (TVP) have no say over matters. So part of this argument seems to be centered around not only direction but control of the information as well. You have to wonder how this kind of distrust originated. Roxanne also had the gall to ask for (direct) support from Zeitgeist members in that meeting, to join the Venus Project. Inside information also reveals that Meadows and Fresco were on more than one occasion concerned that their material was properly credited. That tells me, and others noticed it as well, that ego issues are also part of this equation.

Perhaps the worst part is the timing. People have worked tirelessly on promoting the Venus Project for years and have put their heart and soul in it. Right now they barely get a 'thank you' and followed by a 'we'll take it from here!' That's probably the most hurtful for those involved. The Venus Project also asked for donations for a movie project to which many Zeitgeist members responded in donating money. Further adding to the friction. Adversaries of Zeitgeist and the Venus Project also have a field day because of this split. They couldn't be happier and when trolls are happy, that's saying something.

When all of the emotions have settled we must also get back to the original motivation. That is striving for a better world. This split is also a reminder of letting trivial or minor aspects get in the way of the greater good. It's a reminder that we are all vulnerable to matters of the ego. When the dust has settled the focus must return on the core motivation, and we'll simply take it from there in order to move forward.

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