April 19, 2011


Well, this is interesting. The English website Mail Online issued an article about the late U.S. president John F. Kennedy and documents released under the Freedom of Information Act pertaining UFOs. The documents themselves were released by the CIA which is noteworthy, even more food for thought are the dates. JFK wrote requests to the CIA and NASA 10 days before his assassination. Of course this isn't proof of any kind but you can bet your bottom dollar that some people are going to connect these dots.

Personally I find it fascinating that JFK showed such an interest in the subject. The theory that JFK was killed because of UFOs has been circling on the internet and in underground books for decades. Of course many theories float around on this particular subject (the assassination). Regardless of all of that, it's interesting to see that the president requested that kind of information from the director of the CIA. That's an indication that he wasn't fully briefed when he took office, and sought more. He also apparently sought a kind of cooperation with the Soviet Union. Surely that must have send shockwaves through the channels of power. That period of time isn't remembered for its detente.

I would love to see some renowned experts comment on the matter, both from within the UFO circles and mainstream. A president asking for information about UFOs? Something tells me there's more information on this subject.

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