March 23, 2011

ZDay 2011 Holland Video

Shot some 75 minutes of footage from ZDay 2011 Holland, in the Kargadoor, Utrecht. Kees and Jos gave presentations followed by closing words from Seth and a Q&A with the aforementioned 3 gentlemen. Some 50+ people showed up which was less then expected I reckon. (Around 20 people failed to show up while they did sign up, don't know what cause of that is.)
The day went well nonetheless. Both Kees and Jos' presentations were well executed, plenty of time between sessions for drinks and a smoke outside. There was also a buffet which I suspect was made by the Jos' wife. In between there was also a workshop where people presented their ideas for the Zeitgeist Movement. The main thrust of the day, which was reiterated by Seth, is that people should become more actively involved because right now the Dutch chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement hinges upon the time and energy of some 15 people and they are pretty much stretched to the max.

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