March 9, 2011


"To the Zeitgeist Movement
A hierarchical stratified society is nothing but the result of a natural phenomenon, that natural phenomenon which I have coined as "Mental Darwinism" is the result of mental, intellectual differences among individuals with some mentally better suited than others. Therefore an "Elite" is practically impossible to eliminate without subduing the human mind. That is exactly what this Zeitgeist movement is attempting to do, the creation of an "Altruist egalitarian utopia" in which the best mentally fitted is no different than an idiot and must not be rewarded for his mental ability, but instead brought to the level of the crowd for whom he must work on humanitarian grounds at the expense of the incompetence of his neighbor. Quote "Success must not be rewarded with material gains, but with the satisfaction of social contribution" (TZM). That is altruism in which you place the interests of others above your own and you sacrifice for your incompetent neighbor.

The Zeitgeist movement goes against nature, nature dictates that only the strongest survives and in our contemporary society only the smartest succeed leaving behind the ungifted. In the Zeitgeist "Altruist Egalitarian Utopia" anybody can simply say, "I'm not smart, I'm lazy, why work and think if my brother who is mentally competent can do the thinking and working for me, anyways he is the gifted not me, therefore he should work for me and I should just wait to use the fruits of his mind" Zeitgeist goes against nature itself, the capitalist society in which we live is the best socio-economic structure that obeys the dictates of nature itself. Somebody once said "He who wants to live let him fight, and he who does not want to fight does not deserve to live" Let the incompetent bastards perish and the competent individuals who can think succeed for that is nature and not the gain of the incompetent at the expense of the competent.

Unfortunate children of Africa and the World
As a believer in reason, I assume that every living human being has the capability to create rational decisions and produce rational thinking. A person who for the lack of ability finds himself in a particular socioeconomic position in which he cannot afford to provide himself with the most basic utilities for the sustainability of life, irrationally decides to procreate and raise a family instead of procuring a method to ameliorate his situation in order to provide and raise his family in descent environment with a promising future. The victims of his lack of rational thinking are his descendants who grow up in a miserable environment like the children in Africa whose misery and hunger was triggered by nobody but their parents who made the irrational decision to procreate before assuring the future well being of the consequences of their actions."

Once in a while you come across some truly amazing (and shocking) comments. The commentary above was made by a person on the official TZM YouTube channel and he's a critic of the movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward as is plain to see. The reasoning behind the critique is fascinating to see, from a psychological perspective mind you. I couldn't disagree more with this person. His ideology is there for everyone to detect although he does try to camouflage it. Looking at his YouTube profile was only a confirmation of what I already strongly suspected. Go take a look.

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