March 1, 2011

Jerusalem UFO 2011

I've always found the subject of UFOs fascinating and the video taken in Jerusalem in the beginning of this year is one of the best footage I've ever seen. Not sticking my hands in fire that this is absolute proof or 100% genuine because as of this writing I don't know all the details and there are also some talented people behind their computers who could fake such footage. Having said that I'm very impressed because the reactions of people near the camera seem to be genuine and there appears to be video from other people in different locations filming the exact same thing. Here are some screenshots of the event.

Above is a light that hovers over the Doom of the rock Temple mount in Jerusalem. The video in the previous link above is taken relatively close by, this footage however is taken from a distance and you can see a 'star-like' object descending into place. Again the people react to the events taking place.

There is also a bright flash before the apparent UFO departs, which I tried to capture with the screenshots above. The place lights up like a giant piece of fireworks. I'd imagine that's a hard thing to fake using CGI. It's not impossible but I reckon you would need 'Hollywood quality' to do it, meaning lots of money in order to hire a company like Pixar.

Above is a frame of the object departing straight up at high speed. It's out of the frame within a split second. If the footage is real than this is something truly remarkable. There's another video here which seems to be taken still closer to the event but the quality seems poorer. The object is strangely out of focus and no flash is detectable. Could be that the camcorder is from the cheaper price range and having less pixels. (Having owned 2 camcorders so far I can tell you that a cheap one has great difficulty focusing at night.) In the last video the commentary by some American elderly folks does seem genuine. CBS did a news piece on it as well. Amazing stuff. Lastly there a video here that combines all the different footage.

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