July 26, 2010

Poor Rich Man

Well, it's in the news that BP exec Tony Hayward will probably resign from his post later on today. He's to be replaced by Bob Dudley who's in charge over the oil spill. You don't have to feel sorry for Tony, like always people in high places of industry leave with a big pile of money in their wake. (Which sets it apart of course since if you, I or any other blue-collar worker would do a piss-poor job of something, we get send off with no money whatsoever.) T has around 546.000 stock options and 2 million shares in BP which he will cash in upon leaving, and that will give him the sum of 11.8 million Pounds. Way to go Tony! On to the next 'fill your pockets no matter what' job.

P.S. Saw on the news yesterday that Hayward will receive a pension of $900.000 a year. From the looks of it I also reckon he would make a fine politician. . .

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