July 22, 2010

BP & The Real World

BP has been in the news a 'few' times lately. What's most fascinating, in my opinion, is how the oil spill is being handled and I'm not talking about the physical aspects such as capping the well. No, it's the damage control regarding public perception and the efforts in containing the financial fallout. BP released some photos of their crisis command center. What's funny is that there are a bunch of anomalies on those pictures which leads some people to assume that they are photoshopped. BP denied the charges but at the same time refuses to post high resolution version of the new 'original' photo. My take on it is that they probably 'enhanced' the photo in favor of public perception.

What's even more fascinating is that BP attempts to literally buy all the scientists and expert witnesses. Here's an article from the Huffington Post. The trick is that these expert witnesses have to sign a contract with BP and that there findings remain confidential. In essence, BP would have strict control over the information and the experts. These same experts couldn't testify in court because they are already legally connected to BP. Basically what BP is trying to do is buy their way out of trouble. It's the age old axiom of power corrupts, and absolute power - corrupts absolutely. It's all about money and power and BP demonstrates that beautifully. Welcome to the real world.

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