July 5, 2010

Adamski Synchronicities

I've been studying the Adamski case for quite some time now and a lot has been written about him - mostly negative. The funny thing is; there's actually a lot circumstantial evidence to support some of his claims. While there are plenty of folks who have criticized Adamski, there are also people who supported him. I've looked into that aspect and collected some of those accounts here. Earlier today I came across a comment on YouTube where a person claims to have seen UFOs very close to where Adamski did his 'business.'

I had a sighting along with my neighbors in 1964 Washington, DC near the Silver Spring border of 3 large orange ufos flying across the sky that came to a hover over the WTTG-TV station on Wisconsin Avenue. At this time George Adamski was in Silver Spring visiting a friend and filmed the famous Silver Spring, MD ufo in Pt. 4 of this video series. It just connected in my mind! Thank you!

The person is talking about the UFO footage in the video above. It's remarkable that so many people have seen something that is some how connected to Adamski. If you look for it there's plenty of synchronicity. I should add that these accounts were made way before the internet-era and it's equally amazing that these stories continue to surface. On the other hand I wonder how many eyewitness accounts were lost. Still, there's plenty to keep the Adamski enigma going - if you know where to look for it. . .

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