July 9, 2010


Earlier this week I was strolling the forums and wound up over at the Paracast. I noticed that one guy had started a thread and was relating his UFO experiences. Nowadays I don't contribute much at the Paracast forum because there are a bunch of people just out to debunk matters, in my opinion. The guy forwarding his UFO sightings got one reply that I just have to show here. Here's the reply;

1) Never signal a UFO. You are just asking for trouble. See The Allagash Abduction, etc.
2) If you see a UFO don't tell anyone. It never works out and you will no doubt tell the wrong people.
3) Never touch a UFO or anything that you think may have contacted a UFO.
4) If you happen to be lucky enough to take a picture or video of a UFO keep it to yourself. See 2 above.
5) If you are contacted by UFO occupants don't believe anything they tell you.
6) Never approach a landed or hovering UFO.
7) Never submit to hypnotic regression in an attempt to regain lost memory about a UFO or anything else for that matter.
8. Contact with UFO occupants and/or cooperation with them could be considered collusion with foreign powers and you could also be considered an accomplice in any crimes they commit. Although this has never happened to my knowledge these legal ramifications of contact seem only logical. There does seem to be a real problem in "reporting" such an event in an attempt to avoid these problems though which gets you back to number 2, "Don't tell anyone." Jim Sparks is a good example of someone who, if his story is true, by his own confession is an accomplice colluding with foreign powers to commit kidnapping, theft, and human experimentation and should be the subject of a criminal investigation. He is either a fraud or a "traitor." (Sorry Jim but that is the reality of the situation)

Well, the first question that came to my mind when reading these "guidelines" is; 'how is an independent, objective UFO researcher able to collect data when everyone would abide by the rules laid out here?' Following these rules basically ensures that there wont be matters to investigate, so the proposition, in my book, is disingenuous from the start. Don't tell, don't touch, don't ask. That's what it basically amounts up to.

1) Signaling a UFO is not a guarantee that you'll have bad experiences. There are lots of people that reportedly signaled a UFO with no negative consequence whatsoever. Most of the times nothing happened. In a few cases, if you delve in to the literature, something bad happened. In my opinion this proposition is false.
2) Don't relate your UFO experience. Wow, what a proposition. Sure, it can have negative consequences. Your employer might take it the wrong way. UFO believers might run away with it and then there are the debunkers that might attack your character. For the field itself that investigates the UFO phenomenon it is detrimental if no one would report a sighting. Taking that in to account I personally find this proposition totally false.
3) Don't touch a UFO. Might be correct, I'm not sure. Some folks (in UFO literature) have mentioned that they were warned not to touch a UFO. What I find strange is that this particular item is handled like something radioactive. Doesn't have to be.
4) Keep pictures and video to yourself. Totally false. See 2 above.
5) Don't believe anything a UFO occupant would tell you. Hmm. How about healthy skepticism and discernment instead of debunking something from the get go?
6) Don't approach a UFO. Think most people would go the other direction anyway. I would say: trust your intuition and go from there.
7) Yes, the debate revolving around hypnotic regression. Difficult. Maybe people should be informed about the pro's and cons before they take a session and make the judgement call themselves.
8) Having contact with UFO occupants can have legal consequences. Another disingenuous proposition because aliens are currently not recognized in any court of law (and probably wont be in the foreseeable future), which makes the argument totally irrelevant.

Sadly enough, in my opinion the Paracast forums have become a meeting place of a bunch of people set on debunking the UFO phenomenon. There are probably many reasons for this. Dissatisfaction with not finding answers, research that progresses outside their comfort zones, or maybe just plain old fear of the unknown. Discouraging proper UFO research (as shown above) might be the next step for these folks. Personally, I don't want any part in that.

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