June 17, 2010

Greedy Grabbers

Read something in the newspaper today that really makes me fume. The sad thing is, this isn't an exception. Corine Houtzagers a former member of a board of directors of a healthcare company, received a bonus (upon ending of her contract) of €410.000. She was with the company 'WWZ-Marienstaete-Valent' for 4.5 years. A spokesperson remarked that this is the normal practice and that because she got laid off she was entitled to it. Other former employees of that company were sent home with €248.000 and €42.400.

This is totally outrageous. Normal employees who do all the work - providing care - get paid the minimum or close to it. Managers get paid well but as you can see get massive amounts of money, even when they do a poor job! The company made a loss of 6.6 million euros last year! Add the poor quality of healthcare the company provided and it becomes a total mystery to me why so much money has to be paid for misfits. It's almost criminal in my point of view. Lots of people complained about that company. They were told that due to shortages there weren't enough personnel and that cutbacks were in order. Well duh! All the money flowed in to the pockets of the managers.

Groping make me sick.

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