April 20, 2010

Zeitgeist Therapy

Last week I entered a discussion on the ATS forums where one contributor claims that the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is 'hardcore NWO propaganda.' Naturally other accusations followed such as it being communism and the latest is that the Zeitgeist Movement is a cult. Today I wrote this to the guy;

Yeah, so now the ZM and TVP are a cult? You know what this whole thread amounts up to? A smear campaign. A typical example of American culture. You act like a lawyer in court and it's not so much about objectivity or finding the truth, it's about making the other guy or party look bad because they don't suit your own particular interests. (Flip on Fox News or visit Infowars.com - fine examples there.)

Goldman Sachs has been in the news lately. Turns out they have been incredible con-artists. The Obama administration wants more regulations for the financial industry, and what do the Republicans do? They already stated that they want no such action and will oppose it! Time and time again Wall Street has been proven to be corrupt to the core and now one of the major political parties in the U.S. plainly states that they wont act against it. How much of a cult member do you have to be to vote for the Republican party? Water-boarding is fine according to Cheney, and lets not forget those nasty (non-existent) WMD's in Iraq which didn't seem to bother a lot of people in re-electing Bush.

Now ZG and TVP are a cult? Take a look around you in the world. Many people receive programming without even being aware of it. They just act in a lethargic way.

You know what governs the world? Self interest! Zeitgeist and the Venus Project get a lot of critique from the conservative (isolationist) right. Often these people are concerned with their freedom, their own property and basically want little to no government interference. Naturally these people vote conservatively, it's in their self interest. What does conservative politics do? It gives business a free reign. And that breeds a (financial) elite of its own. The very same elite conservative people despise at times and sometimes call NWO. Isn't that cult-like?

You know what the difference is between a conservative blue-collar worker and a conservative billionaire? Basically nothing, except the billionaire has money, power and influence. Both have their self interest at heart, likewise the billionaire will try keep and expand his money and property. That's his self interest. What does this line of thinking produce? A society you have in the U.S. right now. You created it.
Doesn't that in some strange way make you a member of the NWO?

Does mentioning this make me a communist or a member of a cult? I think such an accusation would be very unintelligent. Ask ZG members if they want a society like Soviet Russia or current day China. Everyone would say no because they have the same sense of liberty as you do. Those ZG members want freedom, not another oppressive social system.

I think that in the (near) future the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project will have an effect like psychotherapy for the planet because at its core it has all the right elements yet it apparently conflicts with what most people hold dear: their own self interest. And that's a paradox in itself because TVP stands for the interest of all people and getting the highest standard of living for everyone. You can ask yourself what stands in the way of TVP. Your own ego?

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