April 1, 2010

Delivering Zeitgeist Flyers

Thought I could be a bit more pro-active with the Zeitgeist Movement so I ordered 1000 flyers at a nearby copying shop. The cost turned out to be a bit more then I had hoped, amounting up to €61, but I figure it's for a good cause. Will need to come up with a better solution in the future. Nonetheless I started delivering them to mailboxes in my neighborhood and although I did a relatively small area - when you look on the map - I delivered about 8-900 so far. Meaning I'm almost done with the 1K. Naturally I'll keep an eye out on how effective delivering those flyers really is. There are no illusions on my part that every person will read the flyer. Half of the addresses I visited will probably toss it away without a second look. I reckon that maybe 10% will look at it in some degree and half of those people will find it interesting. It has to start somewhere. :)

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