April 17, 2010

My UFO Sighting 2010

Last night just before I went to bed I decided to go outside in my backyard and do some stargazing. There were some high clouds, we are still having some problems here with ash from a volcano in Iceland. Nonetheless the stars were also visible in some places. An object in the south (slowly heading north) caught my attention and it had the look of a satellite. I went inside and got my camera thinking I would test it in the night sky once more. Took me around 10 seconds to get the camera and when I went outside again I couldn't find the object no more.

For a minute I was staring where maybe the object would reappear. As I mentioned before there were some high clouds and maybe the object was behind those. Suddenly I see an object again in my view, this time it was moving northeast. It had the light intensity of an airplane at night but there were no (blinking) lights. It also moved much faster then an airplane or satellite would do, it was traveling at 'jet-speeds' if I can call it that. At that moment I was putting the camera into action but I messed up I think. In the excitement I probably forgot to take off the lens cover.

The object, although at some altitude, was out of my view within around 8 seconds even though I could see a large portion of the sky. It also looked a bit more oblong then a satellite. I looked at the camera footage this morning but it was just dark. I doubt the camera could have picked it up if I hadn't messed up since it takes some time before the camcorder gets into focus and the object wasn't that bright, that's something else a camera has trouble with picking up. Nonetheless I am a bit disappointed not getting some footage.

What's interesting to note here is that yesterday when I made the sighting, the airports were closed. All air traffic was suspended due to the ash in the sky from the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Read this morning in the newspaper that literally all types of airplanes were grounded, also balloons and light aircraft etc. Nothing was permitted to fly yesterday. Kind of makes you wonder what I saw flying in the sky.

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