September 21, 2012

Two Faced Franky

Ran across this marble today. It turns out Frank de Grave, a politician belonging to the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD - Conservative Liberalism), said some outlandish things during a session of the Senate of the Netherlands last summer. He said the following;

"There's one situation where it's ok for ministers or politicians to lie, even in this parliament. And that is when it concerns the coin (Euro). When we had the Guilder, a politician was allowed to say A, while the next day B was to happen. In emergency situations this must be possible."

In other words, when it comes to financial matters that are utmost important a politician is allowed to lie and to hell with Freedom and Democracy. Perhaps it's not surprising that Frank de Grave not only spend many years in politics but also worked in the financial sector. What you often see in the United States also applies to this character. He was minister of Defense and after that stint he rolled into the position of Chief Financial Officer at the DSB Bank. Smooth transitions between positions in government and corporations. What's even more interesting is that De Grave didn't spend that much time at the DSB Bank. After just 2 months he left citing "incompatible working relationships." Not long after the DSB Bank went bankrupt. Did Franky knew about the poor situation at the bank? He did have a private talk with the Dutch Central Bank but no information was released.

Why am I not surprised about Frank de Grave? Well, if you watch the first half hour of Zeitgeist Addendum you would know that money is created out of thin air by banks and also immediately becomes debt that can only be paid back by new loans which creates even more debt. It's economic slavery. Banks are the enslavers. Franky here probably knows this. In order for this pyramid scheme to work people have to remain oblivious yet keep the economic faith. That's why he thinks it's a good thing when politicians lie in front of the public in order to keep them confident in money and the financial institutions that provide it. Otherwise that whole house of cards collapses.

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