December 24, 2010

Winter Photographs

Winter is a great time to take pictures. Oddly enough over here in Holland the last 2 winters have been severe after a decade or so of mild ones. (Some folks are already talking about a mini ice age.) The shot above was taken in the early morning. After a week of cloudy weather the skies suddenly burst open. The sky turned blue and the air was vibrant. I hope the shot captured that essence.

Last week we had one or two days where the temperatures were just around freezing. If it's 1C or 0.5C snow melts but very slowly and can freeze up again quickly depending on conditions. Maybe the lightbulb in the lamp generated some heat as well. In any case conditions were perfect for creating 'ice stalactites.'

Thought this was an interesting shot. Although not clearly visible in the shot there's a rain pipe attached to the wall. What (I think) happens is that snow on the rooftop melts (maybe because of heat generated within the apartments) and trickles down the rain pipe which is probably also clogged up. Next the water travels down the branches of plants before freezing up again. Nature's art if you ask me.

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