December 14, 2010


Couple of days ago I watched the documentary film Restrepo on the National Geographic Channel, and it's quite an intense film. A platoon of soldiers from the U.S. Army are followed (with a camera) for a year in a remote part of Afghanistan called the Korengal Valley. They are basically surrounded by Taliban forces and firefights occur practically every day. Subsequently you find out that a number of the soldiers, who had previously been on camera, have died in combat.
That creates a shocking but true to life atmosphere within the film. From a human and psychological aspect it's also highly realistic to see how different people deal with the situations they find themselves in. Some are 'jarheads' and deal with it by cursing constantly while others show remarkable depths of character by handling the bad situations with maturity and compassion - way beyond what you would expect of guys of that age and who are trained to kill. All of them are hurting nonetheless. It shows in their eyes when they are interviewed after they return home from their deployment. A highly realistic film about the War in Afghanistan.

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