December 2, 2010


Here's an easy dish to make and it's sort of a traditional Dutch meal. It's called Hutspot (hotchpotch would be an approximation in the English language). You take 500 grams of potatoes, 250 grams of carrots and 250 grams of onions. (Enough for 2 people.) You boil the potatoes for 20-25 minutes, the carrots and onions for 15 minutes. I basically put it al together in a big pan because you're going to mash it together anyway. Spice it with salt, pepper and nutmeg and you're done. It's a hearty meal for in the winter time so with the meat you can use bacon or beef with gravy. I usually have sausage with this dish. One last thing, all the onions make it somewhat spicy so if a person has problems digesting that you can put less in the meal.

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