October 13, 2010

Breaking Down The 10 Commandments

In this great piece of stand up comedy George Carlin breaks down the 10 commandments and in a humorous way, revises them. I'm not a hardcore atheist but I do recognize that in the past and continuing till this day a lot of malevolence in the world is caused by religious fundamentalists and fanatics. Carlin also comes up with an additional commandment which I agree wholeheartedly with.

"Thou shalt keep thou religion to thyself."

I can't even begin to point out how important that is. When you have a strict religious view or interpretation of the Bible or any other holy book for that matter, you are always bound to collide with another person who holds a slightly different view. That's what the planet and the human race has been enduring for centuries now. Strict religious beliefs are automatically also intolerant of other points of view. That's the nature of this particular ideology. How do you avoid conflict? Keep religion to yourself.

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