October 9, 2010

Alien Creature

This morning I caught this "creature" with my camera as it was hiding in a tree.

Nah, it was my neighbors cat (see below) climbing in a tree some 2-3 meters high and the camera flash went off. Cats eyes reflect light pretty well. It does make a spooky image. For all intended purposes cats can be considered alien creatures since they have some weird character traits. The cat from next door arrived some 1.5 years ago and made its presence immediately known to the entire neighborhood by constantly getting into fights with other cats (also in the middle of the night) and screaming his lungs out in the process. Quite strange actually since when my neighbor gets home the cat is all miauwing and purring, one friendly little furry creature. At night outside or when my neighbor is gone, one black ball of mayhem.
After taking the picture (below) I walked outside and the cat flipped. It didn't know where to go, tried to squeeze itself through the fence - which didn't work, trying to dig a hole - which didn't work, then it ran around like a maniac until finally crawling over the fence in the corner of my garden where it's a little lower. A friend of mine once said; 'cats are two dimensional,' and I think he's right. You would think the cat remembered how it got in my garden but I suppose fear is a bad motivator for cats as well. While constructing my new garden fence I did keep in mind keeping the cats out. I'm not a cat-hater but I do mind when they use my garden as a latrine. When I tend my garden, I don't like working with poop. That's just me. So I made the fence basically hard to enter and made it 1.2 meters high. Clearly not high enough for cats and when you wake up in the morning and open your curtains you see this alien creature chilling in your spot.

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