September 14, 2010

Mental Detritus

Here's the clip where Alex Jones makes the quote that I addressed in a previous post. Hope you can bear watching this video because Jones goes on one of his infamous rants. While AJ stands for personal liberty, one of the things I support, he also has a habit of going on a tantrum and acting like a bully. The guy has such a narrow view and a bare minimum insight in what other people are trying to accomplish that quite often he attacks people that would fall in his own category, the 'freedom fighters.' In the video above he's attacking some journalist if I'm not mistaken.
The thing is, I've seen him do that on several occasions. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. In one of those Jones "party-crashes" a second amendment rally in Texas which was organized by other people. Like a bully he started to dominate the scene and belittle those folks addressing his actions. One woman calmly asked why he was being intrusive also pointing out to him that 'they were on the same team.' Jones, acting like a bully once more, simply brushed it aside. A lot of folks are starting to think that Alex Jones is the 'cointelpro,' since he has a habit of also attacking those folks that are basically with him. It seems Alex Jones is under the impression that he's the only one in possession of the truth. What's the word for that, megalomaniac?

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