September 3, 2010

Alex Jones - Closet Fascist?

Ran across this YouTube video after visiting the Conspiracy Science forums and it's based on an astounding remark radio show host Alex Jones made. Jones himself can be regarded as a libertarian and a paleoconservative, that's how he also labels himself, but the remarks in this video are so shocking that he can easily be put in the fascist corner. While I disagree with some elements in the video such as the Nazi audio rhetoric in the background and labeling listeners/followers of Infowars as a cult, Jones' comments don't leave much to the imagination. Here's what he says;
In the end when we take over against these people, it's not going to be like Germany where a few hundred of them get put to death folks. We are going to put hundreds of thousands of them in prison. Tens of thousands are going to be executed. You are cancer and you gotta be cut out.

It's difficult to see in what context those words were said when you don't have the entire conversation but having seen a number of videos on YouTube where Jones addresses his key points it's reasonable to assume he talks about the NWO, the alleged current elite bend on dominating the world and enslaving the rest of the planet. I've seen enough of Alex Jones to know that sometimes he gets highly emotional and subsequently says something inappropriately or utterly false. These words however where he recommends deadly force against other people are of such gravity that it becomes a serious matter.
I don't know if Jones retracted this statement or apologized for it but I do hope he realizes that when making such comments he isn't one hair better then the people he claims to fight. When you advocate using force on force, you're advocating war. If Jones really stands for liberty he wouldn't have to make such grave remarks.

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