September 25, 2010

Garden Fence

Haven't been blogging much the last month, that's because in my spare time I've been working in my garden constructing a new fence. It was plain necessary since the old one was on the verge of collapse. Went to the stores to check out different types of fences but I was unimpressed with the price and quality of the material. There is hard wood of course which is the best you can get but that also comes with an impressive price tag. What I did was collect pallets, split them apart, and use the topside basically as a whole 'ready-to-go' panel. Painted all the wood twice. . . which took many hours. Did have to buy the poles that went into the ground and also painted them twice. In all, paint and material cost €150. That's cheap considering. Of course you can get fences in the store in that price range but I've seen plenty of those in my neighborhood and after 5 years (if not sooner) they start to disintegrate already. Hope my stuff lasts a bit longer.

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