August 2, 2014

Justin Templer, Cyberstalker Extraordinaire

First off Justin thank you very much for proving once more what kind of obsessed cyberstalker you are. Monitoring individual Zeitgeist chapters and knowing the names of individuals who do activism work proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how far you're willing to go in your (cyber)stalking efforts. Since you've been doing it for 3.5 years now spending an enormous amount of time we can conclude that you're either hired to do so or you're a complete psychopath. And since you've consistently harassed and insulted Zeitgeist members in all that time without an ounce of remorse I'm inclined to conclude the latter.

Well over 2 years ago after the split between the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement you made the same claim Justin. The Zeitgeist Movement was dead. Yet years later here you are again parroting that message. TZM isn't dead, you want it that way. What you're doing is pure psychological warfare. You're hoping people get discouraged and pursue other options. That is what's behind your facade. You fear TZM. You fear its potential. That's why you continue your cyberstalking efforts and deliberate negative conclusions.

But lets examine some of your claims. "Membership is in decline." Being active in a chapter is one way of looking at it but there are other criteria as well. Personally I can't verify your claims regarding U.S. chapters simply because I don't have that information. I do believe that people come and go. People also have to make a living, they meet someone and maybe start a family. But if you'd ask those people if they still support TZM I would reckon that a large number of them still do. But for me I see data that conflicts with your assessment, and it is this;

As of the second of August, 2014, there are 532.941 subscribers to the main TZM website. In 2013 I kept notes how many people joined every week simply out of curiosity. On the third of August, 2013, there were 520.994 subscribers. Did you see that Justin? It's actually an increase of subscribers - contrary to what you claim! Roughly 1000 people joined each month, approximately 250 a week which is consistent with the amount of new YouTube subscribers;

Today the amount of YouTube subscribers is 85.081. One year ago it was 71.749. Ironically enough Justin this again contradicts your "analysis" of a 'dying movement.' People supportive of the Zeitgeist Movement on YouTube is on the increase. Oh wait, you don't do positive aspects. Those 85 thousands subscribers is twice the amount of your favorite economics channel the Mises Institute (41.645) and it is almost 10 times as much as your favorite philosophy channel the Ayn Rand Institute (8.932). Oh wait, you don't make comparisons like that.

But what did you say about ZDay 2014 in Toronto? It was on the decline because you made a comparison between ZDay New York in 2009 (with a sold out venue of 900 seats) and ZDay Toronto 2014 (with a sold out venue of 500 seats). Why not a comparison between ZDay 2013 with a sold out venue of 300 seats? This shows your methodology and pathology. You're only willing to produce a negative. In light of all of the above, when I call you a 'troll,' 'psychopath' and 'cyberstalker' I feel perfectly justified simply because it happens to be valid.

I've been on the internet for well over 15 years now and I've seen many strange things. Since the dialogue doesn't take place face to face people tend to have less inhibitions. Some people are more rude, some people stay the same. I've seen people trying to hide under many aliases with the intent of ruining a message board or chat room. I've seen a variety of 'tricksters,' but you Justin take the cake. In all my virtual travels I've never met such a foul, demonic piece of shit like you. Since you embody the opposition to the Zeitgeist Movement we can only conclude that we are on the right path of enlightenment and progress. And we'll keep moving forward.

(ZDay London 2014 - no headcount?)


Unknown said...

This person stalks me and I have reported him to the fbi

Ed V. said...

Good. I hope the FBI knocks on his door.