August 15, 2014

Hypocrisy About Censorship On The Part Of Anti-TZM Trolls (Mirrored)

Article mirrored from 'Debunking the Bunk.'

So I decided to again interrupt my original plan of writing blogs about each group of trolls and critics I have been observing. And I still plan to do more in depth blogs on each one individually. But first I wanted to talk about this censorship thing.
Let me start my first analysis with a facebook group that was originally called "The Zeitgeist Debate". This facebook group was allegedly created by a few individuals who were banned from JF Ranger's Zeitgeist Movement page on Facebook for various reasons. They of course gave the tired excuse that it must of been due to their eloquent and poignant debates about the flaws in the Venus Project/Zeitgeist Movement at the time.
The original group description was this:
"There are many flaws in the Venus Project, and the Zeitgeist Movement. There are those who would still like to continue the discussion off of different walls and boards of various groups, so I say lets discuss the ins and outs here."

So they formed this group supposedly in the name of free speech to get away from the allegedly draconian moderation on the Zeitgeist Movement facebook group. It did not take long however until what really motivated them was clear. When you go back to the start of the group people started leaving it right away when they realized that it was really just going to be a place for people to harass and insult members of the Zeitgeist Movement with impunity. It also did not take long before they began selectively banning people or deleting their posts.

So when people serve no purpose anymore huh?

So apparently blocking people is a ban-worthy offense to these defenders of "free speech"?

When I was looking for screenshots I noticed that Facebook has done another purge recently so I was not able to find the older parts where Ciaran started banning people for posting pro-zeitgeist links or material. And banned VTV for no reason at all. (Well I think the reason might of been that he was spanking all of them in debate pretty hard.) The most ironic thing about that is that Ciaran always claimed that the "Zeitgeist Debate" group was better then any of the Zeitgeist groups because it was all about free speech. Right... Ciaran is only rivaled by Mario Rodriguez in the useless trash contribution department. He is a poster boy for the biggest threats to free speech on this planet. The cowardly little kids who think they are big boys for typing nasty stuff on the internet about people whom they will never meet.

By no means is this group of trolls alone in the "censorship" hypocrisy. James Kush and his little helpers are also inclined to edit people's posts, or delete them altogether. The biggest proponent of that ironically is Machwon/Jim Jesus who also censored this blog at one point, but we will get into that later. There has always been a lot of criticism from the people at the Kush blog, Conspiracy Science, and X-Zeitgeist Support (formerly zeitgeist debate) about the fact that websites operated by members of the Zeitgeist Movement, Venus Project, etc have a tendency to ban people who well, post insults, defamatory lies, etc. But they have zero problem doing this to anyone else. This is Machwon complaining that he was banned from Peter Merola's youtube channel:

Notice the stupidity from Antidom that Peter banning trolls from his blog just like well, anyone else would is somehow something that will lead to murdering dissenters? (I suspect, but cannot prove that Antidom is that foolish fellow Corboy from the Rick Ross forums. As he parroted that nonsense constantly.) That said, I don't see Antidom warning anyone off about all the executions that these trolls must also be planning for anyone they choose to censor.

And here is someone I suspect is Machwon, since he parrots that Free Market private property stuff as his justification altering someone's post and censoring it. (Note: See the difference? If you can't prove someone did something don't just spout it as if you know it's true and therefore LIE about it.)

There are many more examples of things like this done by the various administrators of the Kush Blog, including several of the posts that were posted by "Liberty Girl" one of a few people who started posting under proxies on the Kush blog when they decided to defend Jim Davidson of the Boston Tea Party. Eventually they deleted that entire blog post. There are only a couple of Liberty Girl's comments left on the blog. I found it pretty hilarious that they would invoke private property rights as the justification for their own censorship on their own blog. But when Peter Joseph, or any of the other individuals with a web presence in the Zeitgeist Movement decide to do so, OH NOES! IT'S EVIL CENSORSHIP! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US! Remember, TZM is bad for allowing censorship:

Note the sensationalist lies that Zeitgeist is "famous for" censorship. Does the Zeitgeist movement ban people from their forums, blogs, etc for being trolls, spamming, etc? Yes. Are they alone? Not even close. Forum rules and forum moderators are everywhere on the net. And for good reason. If not, garbage like this would clog every conversation.

What about Conspiracy Science? They tend to complain about censorship too. Yet they had no problem banning Codie Vickers the notorious troll when he went to their forum and started the same sort of nonsense that got him banned from the Zeitgeist Forums. This post from a user named "Ed" who was banned from the TZM forums by Peter Joseph and flipped out about it quite a bit was completely supportive of banning Codie Vickers for what I would say are demonstrably the same reasons that these trolls were often banned from TZM forums themselves:

Right... I guess that makes sense. What was that?

"Because he refuses to discuss anything properly and acts like an asshole. He is making this place a very annoying place to visit."

Yep. I would ban someone for that too. Does not surprise me in the least that anyone who acted like that would get banned from someone's forum. The only thing that sort of surprises me about this is the blatant hypocrisy on the part of the people who complain about being banned from TZM communication mediums.

To my recollection both Mario Rodrigeuz and Tom Jones (Anti-cultist) have deleted comments from their blogs at one time or another as well. So it kind of comes back again and again to the hypocrisy about it.

Now we come to the biggest hypocrisy of all. Machwon/Jim Jesus the Libertarian and the blog he wrote when the Kush blog was taken down for violations entitled "TZM wants a censorship society"

 Machwon/Jim Jesus, decides to go on a self-righteous hissy fit because Kush's blog which is stock full of libel and lies was taken down by WordPress for a while for obvious violations of the Word Press terms of service. Why is this so ironic? Because he has zero problem whatsoever deleting comments from his own blog, and from Kush's blog. One of my readers posted a link to my blog exposing the lies he put in his blog accusing VTV of being a liar in the comments of that same blog. The comment was deleted, and then Mr. "I hate censorship" changed the settings on his blog so that he would have to approve any further comments. What are you scared of Mr. Machwon? Did it bother you that someone posted information that obviously proved your blog was full of lies and disinformation? You could of posted an answer to my allegations, but instead you censored it like a coward. And I know why, it's because you know my blog about your "VTV is a liar and the pope is catholic" blog crushed any semblance of credibility you had on the topic.

He eventually admitted that he deleted the comment. Of course while he did he posted more lies with no evidence hoping the reading audience would be stupid enough not to ask him for evidence.

So lets point for point this a bit shall we?:
"VTV has been using sockpuppets (like he always does) to try and link his sockpuppet's blog post to here."

What evidence does he offer for his statement "VTV has been using sockpuppets like he always does..." none. He just again flat out lies suggesting that it's an established fact that VTV has ever used sock puppets to link this blog. (Which he of course claims is also a sock puppet.)

"I deleted them just like he deletes and edits many of my comments from his stuff."

Ah...the sweet smell of hypocrisy...

"I told him I'm not interested in debating him or his poverty Muppets anymore but he still persists to push the issue."

Another lie. He acts like VTV is begging him for attention or something. I have it on authority that VTV would never mention him ever again if he would stop posting lies about him. It's not like Machwon ever debates VTV anyway. He goes to VTV's forums to have cybersex with his fellow trolls. We have proof. There were forum posts on the V-RADIO forums with his IP address attached to them where he openly admits it. And remember, that's proof.

"His blog isn't worth addressing as anyone who takes 5 seconds to investigate the quotes and sources he uses would find they prove him to be a liar"

Here we go, repeating the LIE that someone is a LIAR again. This blog (Which is not VTV's, another lie on his part.) relies on screenshots and direct quotes taken directly from the people it is talking about. It does not rely on simply making up lies and theories that are being portrayed as proven fact. And it point of fact proves that Machwon lies constantly in his own blogs. That's right Machwon, liars like to run from the truth. So keep running. Run with your tail between your legs because you cannot handle a critical thinker evaluating your lies and exposing them.
 "So yes, I won't be accepting comments that link to that blog because it's a waste of time and energy and anyone who thinks that blog is objective isn't worth my time anyway."

Because apparently, Machwon wants a "censorship society" where he can be free to delete the truth about his own lies. He can cowardly hide behind the excuse that it is "not worth his time" and just keep on trucking. I am afraid not. You don't get off  that easily. You are a coward, and a liar. And that is why you can't find the time to refute this blog because you are incapable of defending yourself from what is such obvious hypocrisy on your part.

Actually, the main reason I started this blog was because I observed that your behavior, Kush's behavior etc. reminded me a lot of the crap that Scientology does to people. The stalking of members of TZM on their facebook groups and accounts. The endless libelous garbage you spew on the internet ruining the credibility of bloggers. Yes, all taken from the Scientology playbook.

Machwon/Jim Jesus, you are exposed. Now go crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of with your mission to pollute the blogosphere with your lies and personal vendetta. I notice you also tried to lie by backing off the Zeitgeist Movement claiming that they too were just beneath you and not worth your time. You certainly thought they were worth your time when you were wasting time trolling them on Youtube, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Good riddance.

In conclusion:
The next time an anti-tzm critic whines about censorship, be sure to link this blog. Do members of TZM sometimes delete offensive comments from their blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube etc? Yes. But so do their critics. Including the hypocrites crying censorship.

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