June 26, 2014

Garden 2014 (2)

The strawberry, when treated well a generous plant. Think it was 3 years ago that I bought 4 small plants for €5. Now I have 11 in pots, a couple in the ground and I've given two dozen or so of them away to family, friends and neighbors. The stolons of the plant are remarkably easy to cultivate. Just attach a small pot with good soil under the stolon and wait till the roots are firmly settled, cut the 'umbilical cord' and you have a new plant.

With the amount that I have when it's harvest time I literally have pounds/kilograms of strawberries. The plant does require a bit of maintenance. It needs a lot of fertilizer and water but then it also produces. Put some extra soil in it from time to time or repot the plant, that's also beneficial, plus cut away the dead leaves with a scissor. Once you do that you should be able eat many strawberries. Downside is that the wildlife, birds and insects, also appreciate your hard work. A net can at least keep the birds away. All in all it's a great plant for the garden.

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