June 25, 2014

Garden 2014 (1)

Been a while since I wrote something on this blog and that's a shame since I've done tons of garden work and have much to share. In january I started work on my greenhouse with basically 4 poles in the ground which I screwed to another structure from last year where I hoped to guide a lot of (climbing) plants. The latter didn't pan out that well since we had an unusual cold spring in 2013 which resulted in the loss of many heat-loving plants. The greenhouse was supposed to fix that and it sure did. When it's 12-13C outside temperatures indoors reach 18-20C provided there's some sunshine and that's the tipping point for many plants to start working.

In late february I also started with seeding. First I did some Basil in a pot and it worked like a charm. Tomatoes were next and they also sprung into action. In the meantime work progressed on my greenhouse up to the point where it was reasonably closed off from the elements and I cultivated some more seeds therein. Results were just spectacular and right now some tomatoes have grown almost as high as the roof with fruit on the way. Eggplant also works great in the greenhouse. The only drawback with the mild winter was that a lot of snails and slugs seemed to have survived. They do a lot of damage to some plants but there are a number of ways to deal with that.
More garden stuff soon.

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