October 14, 2011

Quote Of The Month (4)

"The Republicans love the term "job creators" which they have substituted for "the rich" as in "do not raise taxes on the job creators." Republicans, unfortunately, are not the job creators as evidenced by the dismal Bush-Cheney record that created the fewest jobs of any modern administration while losing five million manufacturing jobs. Indeed, more jobs were created under Clinton (23 million) that Reagan, GHW Bush, and Bush, the lesser, combined and at higher tax rates. Republicans are, however, good at transferring wealth to the wealthy with 80% of income growth over the last 20 years of Reagan-era to present "trickle-down economics" going to the top one percent. While the beleaguered working class struggle, the rich are faring quite well with the annual salaries of Fortune 500 CEOs going up to $10.6 million or 400 times the average worker (up from 40 times the average worker in the '70s). By now, even the poorly-educated and/or bigoted should recognize that Republicans have historically NEVER represented the working class."


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