October 2, 2011

Beginning Of The End?

I guess most people have watched the news by now concerning the protests in New York. People are rising up against the system if you will. The wealth inequality and government policies that seemingly only help big business are at the root of this civil discontent. Police clamped down hard on the protesters and earlier this week 80 to 100 where arrested as they centered around Wall Street. Just yesterday 700 people got arrested as they marched over the Brooklyn Bridge towards lower Manhattan. Safe to say the police and authorities are keeping a watchful eye out.

Personally I salute the protesters. It has been clear to me for a while now that America hardly can be called a democracy anymore. The people there basically have a choice between 2 political parties and both cater the big wealthy business interests first and the American people second if at all. The U.S. is a society where money and wealth comes first, the top 10% possess 80% of all financial assets. Given the circumstances, do you really expect people to behave when it is clear their needs are secondary to an elite? Elites that prey off the majority of the people will fall sooner or later.

14 trillion dollars of public debt, 2.3 million people incarcerated, some 40+ million people on food stamps and 1 in 6 beneath the poverty line, how long do you think this game will last? Capitalism itself is at fault here although that is something most people don't want to hear. Likewise, Ron Paul and Austrian Economics are not going to save you. Trying to solve the problems of capitalism with more capitalism is just plain idiotic. The U.S. already gave the free market full reign and the present situation is what you get; the market regulating itself at the expense of everything else.

I fear the worst for America. The system can't perpetuate itself under these conditions. Seeing how law enforcement reacts to public protests yet stays catatonic when financial institutions plunge the country and world into a depression, I predict that this is a sign of things to come. Challenging the establishment is not encouraged. Action versus reaction. When the protests become more intense so will the response of the authorities who will try to protect the current state of affairs. Maintaining order is on the top of their list.

Yet the American spirit is build upon liberty and freedom, as such any violation of that notion is not tolerated. A vicious circle is what comes next with the likelihood of America transforming into a police state. America is on the verge of implosion and to be brutally honest this is a 'logical' consequence of the system that the people have supported for so long. If you let politicians be lobbied (bribed) by corporate interests than they are going to serve those interests. If you let a (partially) private Central Bank issue the currency of a nation than they are going to reward themselves and leave you hanging with the bill.

It's simple. Give the power of the people away to institutions and politicians who think of their own self interest first, the people are going to wind up with the short end of the stick. You've got to find a balance between what's good for you and the nation as a whole. Exclusively pursuing self interest will eventually create a massive imbalance. That is where the American society is at.
Perhaps in 20 years from now people will talk about America in similar fashion as they did regarding the collapse of the Soviet Union. Maybe they will fully realize that an elite deciding what's best for themselves first and what is good for the nation and its people second will always lead to revolution.

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