November 22, 2010

Words Of Wisdom

My basic point is that while I agree a cultural transformation is occurring, which defines this entire movement, it is naive to assume this path is clear or simple. Strategies will be shifted as the conditions change. "War" is used here to express a severity of perspective by many. You are seeing this already in other groups. I can assure you all that eventually, for example, alex jones will extent his "infowar" to us... and I can assure you all that the establishment will do everything it can to marginalize and engage in propaganda against these ideas in the form of an "ideological war". The trick is to ignore it all and keep restating the foundation of the system and its merits.

Eventually I will write a piece on the "Spectrum of Marginalization". It is important people understand the age old trick of confusing ideas and shutting down investigations of the external by creating false associations. Just as a racist person derails thought/consideration of a group by calling them "just wops/niggers/spics"; just as the West derails opposition to globalization by calling them "Terrorists"; just as America has derailed any alternative system of economics as "Communist"; so too will the zeitgeist movement be derailed by overarching, thoughtless terms designed to shut down critical thought.
The current ones being used are evidence enough- so far we have:
"Conspiracy Theorists"(this is modern one, btw- design for anyone who questions any aspect of truth put forward by the establishment) Marxists/Socialists/Communists/New Age/Satanists/Theosophists/Cult/Hippies/Leftists/Truthers/NWO... and there will be many, many more.

It is called Ideological Bigotry

The trick? Ignore the titles thrown at you and stay on track with the reasoning. Nothing can stop the reasoning. The sad thing is that people really do fall victim to these categories and due to their narrow identity/ self-interest and fear of what others think of them, they will shut down their interest right there. Brilliant mind control - the art of marginalization. Take a moment to watch Bill O'Reilly or Glen Beck or Sean Hannity and you will see the art form in its most advance state.

Peter Joseph

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