November 14, 2010

Socialist Moneybomb

Meet conservative radio talkshow host Alex Jones in his brand new studio, paid for by his fans. The guys at Infowars started something called a 'moneybomb,' raising money for a new project. The aim was $500.000 and that was reached within a month. What's strange for me is that from what I've been reading Jones isn't doing that bad, financially. Sources say he's living the American Dream, big fat house, sports cars, boats - the works. He's also selling a variety of dvd's for 20 bucks a pop, lots of commercials on his show and website. It's safe to say he's earning a lot of money. That begs the question; 'why do the fans have to contribute financially to an already successful business enterprise?'

I mean, isn't that pure socialism? Letting other people pay for your own programs while you apparently have the means yourself. If I'm not mistaken this isn't the first time Jones let his fans pay for new projects. Other fundraisers amounted up to $350.000 and $50.000. Yet when you visit his website you'll find something like this.

Socialism bad! Sucking money from your fans, good! The hypocrisy involved here curls my toes. Conservatives often complain about government interference and taxation, especially the latter is quickly deemed socialism if it means the money is transferred to a healthcare system. That is viewed as distributing wealth and nobody should mess with that. However, if they are socialist enough to send you money while you already have it in abundance, well that's not socialism. Just call them friends and fans and forget about the socialist act they just performed. By the way, Jones is standing in his brand new studio just 2 days after the fundraiser ended. Meaning, he already acquired it before the fundraiser ended.
Told you he already had the means. Only in America!

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