December 15, 2013

Stefan Molyneux: Narcissist?

This sunday morning I was again dumbfounded by a video Stefan Molyneux put up on his YouTube channel. Actor Paul Walker who died a couple of weeks ago in a horrific car accident got a kind of eulogy by the aforementioned person. While it may seem natural that some people comment on Paul Walker's passing and within that framework I of course mean his family, friends and colleagues who worked with him oddly enough Molyneux nowhere near belongs in that category. So why does he has the urge to comment on Paul Walker's life?

It gets even more absurd. While the first 4 minutes in the video above are focused on praising Paul Walker's accomplishments as a human being and have a sense of spirituality combined with the warning of the temptations that making a lot of money can bring to a person (which is ironic since Molyneux is a free market fundamentalist) Stefan remarks at 4:36 in the video: "don't mean to dump on the dead," but this is exactly what he does next. What follows next is really a type of condemnation. Molyneux has to mention that Paul Walker dated not one but two 16 year old girls as an adult. More or less condemning him of pedophilia.

Why this sudden change in direction? Why make such remarks at this time when Paul Walker's family and friends are still grieving? Why would Stefan Molyneux do such a thing? Actually, this isn't an isolated incident. After Nelson Mandela's passing he felt the same urge to make a video critique which I personally responded to in this blog. On the day of this writing Nelson Mandela was laid to rest but again that didn't stop Molyneux to make scathing comments and condemn Mandela as a communist and terrorist.

Personally, I was raised not to speak ill about the recently departed. That has a deeper meaning. You give the people who mourn time to heal and regain their composure in life. Apparently such notions are completely lost on a 47 year old male whose real objective is seemingly to gather more attention to himself. If you ask me I would categorize that as pathological. Why else would Stefan Molyneux make 'eulogy' videos as an outsider that basically lack any empathy for those that deeply cared for the person? Isn't that just narcissism?

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narc buster said...

Yep, that's EXACTLY what it is. I've watched his videos and it's pretty evident that he displays all the traits of NPD. The internet is awash with narcissists, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber,Joe Rogan and Alan Watts to name just a few....there really are thousands of them out there pedalling their particular brand of woo woo It's fascinating.....I tend to think that if anyone is THAT desperate to impart their "wisdom" to the populace, they should to be ignored....but hey, that's just my opinion....and that too, should be ignored ��