February 8, 2013


Thought I would hold a small eulogy about my dvd player that died last weekend. Yes, that's the plastic front of the player in the picture. I had to open her up because she wouldn't return the dvd that was inside. Quite strange actually. I got her around 6-7 years ago for €65 I think. Tried looking up the receipt but couldn't find it. The last couple of years I even didn't use her that much, maybe once or twice a month at best. About a month ago I noticed that while playing a dvd she would quit on her own suddenly and without warning. Pulling the plug and reinserting it got her back on but the last time she wouldn't even do that. Never bumped or dinged her before failure. Her greatest enemy was the dust. I'm filing her passing under planned obsolescence. Amen. Rest in pieces.

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