January 29, 2013

YouTube Guerilla Tactics II

Last week a person made a comment to me on a YouTube video concerning Alex Jones and the ludicrous remarks he had against the Zeitgeist Movement. The person went by the handle of AndyMcNabStab and his core disagreement revolves around the first Zeitgeist movie, which has very little to do with the Zeitgeist Movement and should be viewed as a personal performance piece by Peter Joseph. However, some individuals viewed that as an attack on their religious beliefs and subsequently claim that the movement is a New Age "luciferian" propaganda effort aimed at steering people away from God.

It's understandable that people would react after seeing Zeitgeist the Movie. I'm not an atheist and as such I thought the critique directed towards religion was unwise since some people can't help themselves making negative associations when their beliefs are questioned. I also wouldn't stand for any 'dark teachings' should I detect it in the Zeitgeist Movement. However, I haven't seen any. Which in my book makes the claims of this Andy person totally irrelevant. But then again, he wouldn't be the first person to use the religious angle to spout critique while his real argument is something else. Possibly plain economics.

The YouTube channel of this person also has a number of videos of violent video games and where he boasts to have taken out opponents using only a knife. Safe to say that the Biblical 'love thy neighbor' still needs some work with this character. Conclusion; the guy is mostly likely a troll.

What's perhaps most interesting is the number of 'likes' he received. He got 7 likes within a short period of time, and that is highly unlikely on a video that doesn't get that many hits anymore. I asked him the question if he generated those likes himself and he replied in the affirmative, the end justifying the means. No matter how you twist and spin this, this is internet guerilla tactics. If you can generate 7 likes you can also generate 7 dislikes. Not 1 person 1 vote but maximize your influence as you see fit. Voter fraud..

Ironically, people like Andy here would probably also object to stricter regulations on the internet while they have no problem abusing the system themselves. Their conduct shows who they are.
Sadly, this is just one person. Many more circle around videos belonging to the Zeitgeist Movement like vultures, ready to plunge down when they think they see a carcass. But maybe I should take the high ground and close with a sentence from the Bible. "You'll recognize them by their fruit. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes or figs from thistles?" (Matthew 7:16)

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