October 29, 2012

Star Trek Economics

photo of Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens
22nd October 2008

From Eric Hunting, you MUST read this:
The post-industrial wave is characterized by information technologies and global networking, flexible automation through machine intelligence, miniaturization and ephemerization of technology, and a return to renewable energy in more advanced forms. It’s dominant meme is demassification (reclamation of freedom, identity, self-expression, time, and quality of life through deconstruction of massified systems and the flattening of hierarchies) resulting in such ideas and trends as decentralization and personalization of production, global social networking and multinational peer-to-peer activity, deconstruction of nation-states and their financial systems, obsolescence of currency in favor of automated demand-driven resource economics based on global commons, reinvention of the family in non-traditional forms (gay marriage, multi-party marriage, non-related non-married family units, new tribes), reinvention of functional community and the reestablishment of community-based social support/service systems, etc.
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