August 9, 2012

RBE Cherry T

In a previous post I wrote about cultivating strawberries, growing new plants and sharing them with people in the neighborhood. Well, I actually did the same thing with cherry tomatoes. In early March I bought a breeding kit for 1.50€ which is nothing. Managed to get around 17 plants out of it and 7 of them still grace my garden with the fruits only needing ripening. So 10 plants got shared with the neighborhood, free of charge course. The cherry tomato is also a forgiving plant and it keeps on growing even after you trim it down. The latter is more or less a requirement. Energy of the plant ought to be directed at the fruit and not new branches, and as mentioned before the plant just keeps on growing which also means you run out of space if you have a limited garden. Hope the tomatoes will taste just as great as the strawberries.

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