November 8, 2011

Dutch Treat 2

Interesting bit of news surfaced today in the newspapers. The Netherlands, along with the U.S.A., had formulated a plan to military intervene (invade) the South American country of Suriname. In 1986 the Dutch government was very concerned about its citizens who were residing in Suriname. The latter being a former colony of the Netherlands who gained independence in 1975. The resulting democracy was short lived since in 1980 a military coup overthrew the government and declared a socialist republic. Under the leadership of Desi Bouterse a number of citizens were executed in 1982 and a civil war ensued.

Most fascinating some 25 years later is that an invasion plan was actually considered at the time. The current Dutch cabinet remarks that the plan never reached the point of a political decision and remained in the consideration 'stage.' However, the ministers who went public today refuse to reveal the associated documents to the public. They simply remain classified. Which in some way is also revealing, secrecy still being the name of the game.

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